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Commercial and Retail Lighting

Proper lighting for commercial spaces is often overlooked. But correct lighting can be attractive your customers and employees which in turn can increase sales and productivity. If you haven’t yet reviewed your lighting situation we encourage you to contact us today. Not only can we make your products and facility more attractive, you’ll be able to save money too.

Show Off Your Product

You’ve invested all this time to bring products into your store so that you can show them off to your customers.  Why would you do them a disservice by showcasing them with inadequate light?  You’ve probably noticed that large chains have slowly started upgrading the way they show off their products.  If you’ve been to a recently renovated Meijer or Sam’s Club you’ll notice how they have spruced up the lighting in the areas where excitement to buy is created by sight. From wine to fancy cheese to your interior showroom lighting, creating “love at first sight” is key.

So Many Options For Commercial Lighting

From accent lighting to task lighting, there are a ton of different ways to improve your retail or commercial establishment. Accent the most important products to provide a great “wow!” factor for your customers. Direct people around the store by using lighting to show the paths you want them to follow. And don’t forget about key lighting for services like hair cutting or trying on clothes. Flattering light in those spaces can make all the difference in the world for making a sale or getting repeat business. And the best part is that by upgrading your currently lighting you’ll most likely still save significant money on your energy bills.

"The entire project went just as promised. The cost, timing of installation and financing were right on target. Now that the retrofitted lights have been in place for a number of months, we have been able to realize savings of up to 40% on our electrical usage compared to previous years. Best of all, our staff members love the better, brighter, more-consistent lighting in our building."

Troy Clogg, Troy Clogg Landscape Associates

"The new lighting has greatly improved productivity, because the guys in the shop can see what they’re doing now. And we have fewer fixtures, which will save us money on our electricity. I love the motion sensors, which turn the lights on or off, depending on whether anyone is in the area. The sensors are great money-savers. Our return on investment is projected to be two or three year, so the project will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time."

Pat Iaquinto, Midwest Glass Fabricators, Inc.

"GPS helped us procure $7,000 in DTE Energy rebates toward the entire $35,000 project and prepared a work plan for an energy-saving grant application. They did a good job on the installation, and we’re satisfied with their work. Now we’re waiting to see the results of these energy cost-saving measures."

Matthew Schindewolf, City of Brighton DPS

"I was very pleased with the financing advice and the installation work. Not only did I finance the roof replacement and refinance the property loan, but I also used the savings to pay for the entire retrofitting. The quality of lighting is much better now, especially in our showroom, and our building is more environmentally friendly. I also anticipate significant energy savings in the future. All in all, this has been a very positive experience."

Bruce Bullard, Office Furniture Solutions

"Mr. Gobeille became my consultant and investigated ALL the products with regard to savings, biggest rebates and longest warranties."

"His loyalty was to us and not the lighting guys. He took the time I didn't have and investigated all the products and met with all the vendors. We are extremely satisfied with his hard work, long hours and recommendations to us on what he sees as the perfect fit for our lighting needs at Champion Chevrolet."

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If you have a small business you should find out if you qualify for the small business incentives. Contact us today to receive a FREE energy consultation on your small business.

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